Thursday, August 25, 2005

All I ask is you

How awesome it is when God hits you between the eyes with something. It's amazing how something so profound from God can be such a simple idea, yet here it is. God spoke to me very strongly recently about my attitude to serving him, in my service and witness in all areas of my life. And then he hit me with it: he doesn't want us to primarily bring all our efforts before him, he wants a heart, willing to serve him. We might well unequipped, uncertain, scared, but he wants us as we are. It's him that works his power and spirit through us, not visa versa.

All I ask is you

'I try, you see Lord, try my best.
I do all I can do
to walk the way you lay before,
the way YOU want me to.
I give my all to worship you;
my words, my voice, my song.
But for once I wish I'd hear your voice
your word's for what I long.

I try to help all I can find,
I give all I can give.
but sometimes, taking all this flak,
I fear this life I live you
I know that you're sufficient, but
this life just seems so tough.
No matter what I strive to do
it never seems enough.

Sometimes I wonder where you are
with all these seeds I've sown
yet when I give my all for you
why do I feel I'm all alone?

"When, oh when, beloved son,
have e'er I saught your strength?
Your praises loud, in tuneful song?
Your prayers of endless length?
These things I may seek in good time,
but first this must be true:
I seek your hear, your mind, your all.
All I ask is you.

A heart on fire with love for me,
yet patient to my lead.
A mind athirst for more of me,
receiving as I feed.
A soul attuned to share my heart
and by my spirit led.
An attitude of servitude,
the olf self buried, dead.

Yet all these things in time I'll hone,
your life shall follow, true.
Along this path, give me your will,
for all I ask, all I need, all I seek
is you." '