Sunday, October 21, 2012

Oh sweetest adoption

Oh sweetest adoption

I was once an orphan child
Alone and unawares
Of what it meant to be
Loved by a father who cares
I wondered what this could be
To know a father's hand
But I stood amazed as he loved me
And made these lame feet stand.

For you came to make me yours
Your dear and cherished child.

Oh sweetest adoption
To know my father's love
Oh sweetest adoption
That Abba I can cry in love
Oh lovely adopter
You now call me yours
Oh beautiful Jesus
In thanks I give my all.

I knew not adoption
Nor my father's love
Til you revealed to me
Your lovely son.
He came before
And loved me first
He poured himself
And quenched my thirst.

Oh sweetest of saviours
My Lord and my King
Oh sweetest of saviours
My soul's everything
Oh sweetest of choices
You chose me first
Oh dear sweet redemption
Your gift, Lord, to me.

As you love the Son
So now is your love for me
Unreserved and full
Is your eternal love for me.
And as for inheritance
Of this I will sing,
That I am joint heir with Christ
And share everything.

Oh sweetest adoption,
When my greatest of stains
Was taken by you
As you welcomed me in.
Oh sweetest adoption,
Most lovely of kings,
My friend and my healer
Your praise my heart sings.

Oh sweetest adopter
One day you'll return
And in light and in glory,
Life's race full run,
You'll turn to your family,
With beaming dad's smile
And say 'Welcome home
My dear, full-loved child.'

Oh sweetest adoption,
My God and my king,
When they ask, who's your hope?
'My Jesus!' I'll sing.
My Abba, my Father,
My beautiful one.
Let me always remember
I'm your child through your son.