Thursday, September 15, 2005

Strength for Trust

Evening all, yet again God's given me time to reflect this evening before bed. My future after uni's been something of a big thing between me and God of late. It goes roughly like this:

'God I trust you with this, I just don't know. Thanks for taking it. I trust you.'
'Well, actually God, I kinda have this idea, it sounds good doesn't it?!'
God: 'trust me, I'll lead you.'
Repeat ad-nausea.

Suffice to say God's been firm with me on this and through this has shown me that through trusting him entirely with our troubles and worries, he helps us through them, and promises to grant the strength we need for each day. How GREAT, is our God.

Strength for Trust

As I walk beneath this starry sky
I know not of his plans
but I wish for once this mind of mine
would leave them in his hands

It seems so easy ev'ry day
to take upon myself these cares
in spite, in every thing and every way
he says, 'your heavy load I'll bear'

These things I ponder mark my life
as anxious poc-marks on my soul
yet there he is to quell my strife
when worries seek to take their toll

He promises such peace as this
and yet I still retain these cares
for what once was but good can sour quick
and rapidly become a snare

Yet even THEN, he calls by name
this tattered soul I call my own
reminds me of his love, the same
that made my every nerve and bone

Those hands that shaped me in the womb
that cared enough to make me whole
those hands that made an empty tomb
a gate to raise my ransomed soul

Tis crazy now to think that we
afirmed in Christ our King
would trust in less than only he
our own tribute to sing

It's true, yet nuts. Thus let us turn
one heart for him, one mind to know.
Our king to seek, his way to yearn
and in HIS strength, to go.