Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sunsets, Prayer and Peace

All these things have been themes in poems I am writing at the moment. Unfortunately, none of them are in a form that I'd want to publish on my blog, but I am very excited about writing them.

Looking at a Sunset and seeing our Creator God's hand on it, Knowing the Power of prayer and the hopeit gives us through God's strength, and then there's God's Peace. Where to even start in describing his Peace in troubled times in our lives. If only there were a word that could describe the feeling that you feel when God lays his hand on you and gives you his Peace.

One day though, we can look forward to when he will give us words and a voice that will be able to ascribe to him the greatness that is due his name. Until then, and until my next post, I shall hopefully, and in his time, complete these poems as a reflection of something of him.

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God bless, my bros & sis's, stay strong in our Father in whom ALL things are possible :)

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The Night Sky

Though written back in January 05, the words from this poem just go to show how God's awesome imagination and creativity in creation can fuel a mind and heart to praise his name! Thus, 'The Night Sky' was born out of a desire to describe and praise him for the beauty and expanse of the Universe that we can see from our humble planet.

The Night Sky

Twinkling, sparkling, small and bright
Pin-pricks in a sea of black
beacons nestled in the sky
lighting up a darkness, void
of any shine of glimmering hope
that we might wish to glance above.
Slow apearing, pitch-black nearing,
dark is crowded out by light.
Speckled clusters grace the gaze
as timeless wonders edge to view
Keen and fiery, poenix's eirie,
birthplace of ten thousand songs.
Stars now shooting, heart saluting
grand designs as seen above.
Not chance or fate nor lady luck,
none other than an artist's touch.
Awe now feeling, mind still reeling,
rapture steals the breath from you.
Then time stops. Behold the sky;
Eternity's dance, in the blink of an eye.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Once again

This poem spawned straight out of my morning bible meditation in John, where's God's departing words to me were 'once again, I shall be with you'. The words therefore remind us that despite the fact we mess up afresh every day, without exception, our God has love enough, and beyond, to forgive us and keep us in him.

Once again

Once again I've walked the road
I know I shouln't take.
Once again I've spoken words
that cause my soul to shake.
Once again I've thought the things
that do not praise his name.
Once again I've pondered now
if I'm just the same?
Once again I've served myself
and let my brothers/sisters down.
Once again I took the path
that gained not God's, but my renown.
Once again I see my life
and break down in my soul
Once again I've failed my Lord
and tripped into the hole.
But once again he turns to me
and looks into my eyes.
Once afain he sees my heart
and how my soul there cries.
Once again he lays his hands
upon my broken soul
and once again he wipes my sin,
makes me clean and whole.
Once again he takes my feet
and puts them on his way.
Once again he takes my hand
and tells me, "Come what may,
Once again my love has covered
all you've done, so don't forget
that once again my son has paid
the highest price to cleat your debt.
Once again you're clean and new
so take my hand and follow me
once again, and by my voice,
my way you'll walk, my glory see."
So once again I walk the road
I know in him is true,
and once again on Heaven gaze
standing, once again, made new.

A love that spans eternity

The words to this poem simply came to me during the last 10 minutes of a flight up to Edinburgh recently. So when everyone else had everything stowed away and their tray tables up, I had my notebook and pencil out, scribbling away :) This poem is very much a reflection on how amazingly different the Love God has for us is, from anthing we could ever experience on Earth.

A love that spans eternity

Look into his eyes and see
a love that spans eternity.
Not limited by state of mind
but different from some earthly kind.
Dependant not on mankind's care
or fleeting things which charm the eyes,
a life he offers us to share
a life of truth, devoid of lies.
For, as he came to give us hope
and emptied him of all but love,
from heavenly throne, a cross to stoop;
this price was paid, enough for us.
That we might come before the king
and prostrate at his feet then fall
then on this day arise in him
to live with purpose by his call.
A promise made, a pact then sealed
for all eternity made new.
God came and paid for our appeal
and spotless, we may stand on Truth.
Look into his eyes and see
this love that spans eternity.