Sunday, January 07, 2007

One week to go! (and other stuff)

The realisation is finally starting to creep up on me now, that I'm going out to India in a week! The excitement has been playing hide-and-seek with my mind for the past 2 months, but chatting with Lizzie (one of the peeps I'm going out there with) last night about meeting up, getting Visas in London, and hotels in Mumbai has coaxed my excitement out of its hiding place.


My last day at work went by yesterday, and was sad to say goodbye to my bunch of ardent George'ers at Asda. 3 months is enough to knit you together with any team, but they've been fab and I'll be sad to see them go. But that doesn't stop me sending postcards ;)

On another sad note, Lucy (my motorbike) has been given an ultamatum; have a heart/brain transplant or be sold for parts :( she broke down last week and it turns out the previous owner didn't treat her well, because the entire front end of the engine needs rebuilding as it's dry and cracked and dead (and stuff). So if you see any nice little 125/100cc bikes around, do let me know in time for August!

Righty, the day calls, so I'll leave it at that and see to some breakfast before heading off to church. How AWEsome though, seriousely! Just think about the concept of church; God's worldwide family, uniting all colours, creeds, races and people groups under the banner of salvation in Jesus! That just blows my mind and makes me burst into a wide grin, KNOWING beyond a shadow of a doubt that one day I, Tim Caird, short person to the masses, will be standing in the presence of the Lord of eternity. What an awe-inspiring, humbling, and inspiring thought.

Why do we go to church? Because of love after God, because of the sweetness of fellowship, because of the crazy love of God for us and our desire to know him better and follow him more closely.

Bring it on :)



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