Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sometimes, just being there is enough

It's a funny thing, in a way, when you think of it. Sometimes we get so caught up on saying and doing the right thing, that we miss the obvious. Just being there for someone.

Why is it, I wonder, that we (guys especially) always want to 'fix' situations! We want to be able to provide that word in season (2 Tim 4v2), to be able to do something that will somehow immediately sort the situation. I often find that I try and find this one thing, that can be said or done, that will solve the problem!

But then I'm reminded of times when friends are facing really tough times; job issues, personal problems like depression and anorexia, relationship and family issues. And often there is nothing that can be done right there, nothing that can be said to help or ease the situation - apart from showing that person that you are there for them; that you will sit with them, let them cry on your shoulder, and support them through whatever it is they're going through.

A hug can say more than a thousand words, a comforting hand on a shoulder can speak louder than a shout to the world - it says you're there for them.

Often I find it hard in some ways to accept this, but keep finding time and time again that sometimes, just being there is enough.



weird is just your own personal brand of normal

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Still alive, and working. Oooh yes...

Alive, yes. Full of free time, no!

I think that sums up my life nicely atm. I've just completed my 3 week block placement at Geoffrey Field Junior School in Whitley (Reading) which has been somewhat of a baptism by fire in terms of behaviour management and classroom control, but the time has sped by and I find myself missing my year 6's already!

I took the weekend off from academic work (on advice of my tutor!) and enjoyed a lovely weekend in Guildford, gatecrashing the Surrey CU's houseparty, and spending lots of time with the lovely Miss Hare - by far my favourtie part of the weekend =D

Now the week has kicked back in, I find myself in 6th gear and knee-deep in work, but that's fine, really. Why? Because I keep getting reminded that God gives you the strength you need, when you rely on him fully and set your heart on honouring him; work, friends, personal life, troubles, the whole shabang. Colossians 3v23 reminds us to work at whatever we've been given, 'as working for the Lord', reminding us that 'It is the Lord Christ you are serving.'

And that's a great reminder - whether our work is uni-based, or out in the world in one of those 'paid jobs' that I hear so much about :P - because, in keeping our hearts fully set on God in our work, then we find it hard to grumble and complain, we find it hard to lose sight on the true goal of our salvation ('you know you will receive an inheritance' - Col 3v23), and find that strength we so often need in our work to keep ploughing on in the face of tiredness, ridicule for holding the faith we do, and whatever the enemy throws at us to try to trip us up.

If a heart's fully set on glorifying God, then even the greatest snare snaps like rotten string before God's Grace & steadfast hand.

Let's keep that heart of ours fully set on glorifying him. The next couple of weeks are going to be ridiculous for us peeps on PGCE, but I know that God continues to strengthen me and hold me fast. May that be enough for us :)



weird is just your own personal brand of normal