Saturday, November 17, 2007

Sometimes, just being there is enough

It's a funny thing, in a way, when you think of it. Sometimes we get so caught up on saying and doing the right thing, that we miss the obvious. Just being there for someone.

Why is it, I wonder, that we (guys especially) always want to 'fix' situations! We want to be able to provide that word in season (2 Tim 4v2), to be able to do something that will somehow immediately sort the situation. I often find that I try and find this one thing, that can be said or done, that will solve the problem!

But then I'm reminded of times when friends are facing really tough times; job issues, personal problems like depression and anorexia, relationship and family issues. And often there is nothing that can be done right there, nothing that can be said to help or ease the situation - apart from showing that person that you are there for them; that you will sit with them, let them cry on your shoulder, and support them through whatever it is they're going through.

A hug can say more than a thousand words, a comforting hand on a shoulder can speak louder than a shout to the world - it says you're there for them.

Often I find it hard in some ways to accept this, but keep finding time and time again that sometimes, just being there is enough.



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