Saturday, December 01, 2007

Ceilidh goodness, and a landmark evening

Ok, first, a Ceilidh is not a barn-dance!  I don't know how many people I've had to tell that to, but now that that's out the way I'll move on :)

The title refers to my mum and dad's 25th wedding anniversary!  Last weekend seems longer than a week ago already, (though I'll put that down to PGCE!) but it was such a wonderful and special time.  65 friends and family from 20+ years ago managed to make it.  A splendid buffet was put on by my mum, with Cat and I serving the drinks.  Oooh yes, that's a point, Cat had the rather scary first meeting of my parents, family and friends in one foul swoop on Saturday.  She did fantastically though, and raised smiles all over :)

The ceilidh itself was amazingly fun, and energetic as per standard, so my dad and I had marvelous fun wheeling around in our kilts while the tired people at the sides laughed their sides off at our antics on the dance floor ;)

Concluding the evening was a very special time of my parents both giving dedications and thanks to each other for the past 25 years, while we watched on from the sides.

Definitely a weekend that none of us will forget.

Now I need to repay the favour for Cat by hopefully meeting her parents after the new year.  Excited, and a tad nervous would sum me up nicely!

Some pics from the evening:

Cat and I manning the bar

Ceilidh dancing, the 'basket', where the ladies are lifted off the ground.  I found this rather hard to support as most of the other men were a tad taller than me ;)

Enough of my prattlings, I must be back to my penultimate assignment which needs some more work done to it.  EAL in Maths, and I'm actually finding it rather interesting :)

TTFN, until soon,



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Caroline said...

Good to see some photos ;o)
Hadn't realised Cat had to cope with all of us for the first time in one go... scary!!!
'Ceilidh' is spelt like this!!!! Sorry to be a stickler... it'll come to you as you mark children's work ;O)

Timmy C said...

ammended ;)