Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A very tolerant Christmas to you... or not?

A tolerant Christmas to you... or not?

Somebody said to me
only this week
tolerance was the thing that we needed.
That above other things
to bring peace to our world
tolerance for all must be heeded.

But can that be right?
I ask of you all
on this Christmas day 2013.
Does being tolerant help
with the clashes we'll face
doesn't it merely help keep our nose clean?

To tolerate someone
no matter their quirks
is to put up with whatever they do.
But do you want to be
the one to 'put up with' me
In all that I hold dear and true?

A tolerant Christmas?
That I couldn't wish,
as I'm sure there are things we believe
that just aren't compatible
and might well lead to battles
forcing one of us to up and leave.

No, a tolerant Christmas
I can't wish to you
I refuse to put up with you now.
Instead, I will love you
and draw you in close.
To you I shall not just say, "Ciao!"

Though there are times
when we will disagree
Instead of just tolerating you,
I'll stand by your side
and seek to understand
The important things that make you, you.

I love you, my friend,
no matter your spots
or spots as some perceive them to be.
For in truth, we're quite spotty
or stripy, but not plain
Inside we're the same, agreed?

So this Christmas, my friend,
I'll not tolerate you
Whatever you choose to believe.
Instead, I shall love you
and learn more of you
To you, a very loving post Christmas eve.


Thursday, December 12, 2013

The dark before the dawn

In the dark before the dawn,
I sit
I wonder
I wait
The water pipes creak and ping
in an odd counter rhythm to the clock's ticking
The fridge gently drones on, cooling my food
with a quiet whom, whom, whom
I sit
I lift
I sip
I wonder
My mind zigzags across today
What'll happen?
What'll I do?
What will go right or wrong?
My brow furrows.
What will go wrong?
Washing up lies like silent statues
Looming by the sink
If I blink, will they disappear?
Lots to do
Much to be done
This is the dark before the dawn
My fears and worries assail me
The day seems so big and dark and fearful.
How can I see it through in this palpable dark?
It threatens to overwhelm me
Take me
and drag me into it.
The darkness leers at me.
"What can you do?" it seems to ask
Then at the window.
A slither of light
A lightening of the darkness
A band of grey beneath the sea of black
I don't see the shadows anymore
I'm transfixed by this new light.
The horizon lightens further
shadows hiss and flee before it.
Beneath the tallest buildings, darkness tries to hide.
It dives behind hedgerows and sneaks inside sheds
The sky begins to burn
Darkness is scattered to the tiniest corners,
my fears along with it.
The dawn has come
light has banished the dark.
It was just darkness
The playing of my fears in a mind with no light.
Daylight fills my eyes
Warmth hits my face
and for the first time today I begin to smile.
The dark before the dawn it over
Light has banished the darkness
and so I begin my day,
the sun risen high in the sky.


Sunday, December 08, 2013

Another weekend

Another weekend flies on by
The hours are drawing on
Soon I'll wake up to Monday's cry
A new day hits anon
Friends we've seen and things we've done
Though more we wish we'd had,
If time could be remade, undone,
Could more seconds be made?
So much achieved yet more I wished
I could have made to be
Yet in life's pond I've busily fished
And prizes have come to me;
Time spent with those I love
And time to just be me
Though I might raise my eyes above
These things help make me, me
Journeys carried to and fro
To many different places
Yet these people with whom I'll always go
Are some of my favourite faces.
Money was spent and time was given
The hourglass ran dry
Yet all I gave I'd give again
To hear my special ones sigh.

Yes, another weekend's flown by
And though I'm truly shattered
I'd not swap a single moment
My family's what made it matter.