Sunday, December 08, 2013

Another weekend

Another weekend flies on by
The hours are drawing on
Soon I'll wake up to Monday's cry
A new day hits anon
Friends we've seen and things we've done
Though more we wish we'd had,
If time could be remade, undone,
Could more seconds be made?
So much achieved yet more I wished
I could have made to be
Yet in life's pond I've busily fished
And prizes have come to me;
Time spent with those I love
And time to just be me
Though I might raise my eyes above
These things help make me, me
Journeys carried to and fro
To many different places
Yet these people with whom I'll always go
Are some of my favourite faces.
Money was spent and time was given
The hourglass ran dry
Yet all I gave I'd give again
To hear my special ones sigh.

Yes, another weekend's flown by
And though I'm truly shattered
I'd not swap a single moment
My family's what made it matter.

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