Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Day

I walk through the isles
of my local shops
the shelves all adorned with
their flowers and chocs.

Promises made
of a happier day
if their produce I'd buy
and the money I'd save.

The joy that I'd bring
with a large bunch of colour,
a box of delight
or that diamond ring.

I peruse all their wares
for the bestest of gifts,
and a meal that will bring
a smile to their lips

A basket full up
I walk to the checkout
glad in the knowledge
that I'm now sorted out.

But, wait.
Will she love me
if all that I bring
are choccies and roses?
a new diamond ring?

Will our relationship grow
if a flower I offer
or a card that I share
for the love that I proffer?

In truth, these are tokens
of my true affection
of the love that I hold
for this most lovely of people

Though only a day
in a commercial year
which some say just boosts
shops' revenue, which is clear

I choose to surprise
the one that I love
not with costliest gifts
but an expression of love

A card which I've made
a gift she'll adore
(well, hopefully, I add
if not, the receipt waits in store!)

Above all, the desire
to surprise and delight
she is my best,
my crown's shining light.

Yet, without this love,
who are where would I be?
I can't love my wife
as my heart's cold, you see

If it weren't for my father
who gave up his son,
the most costly gift
for this selfish one

The son modelled love
as I hope each day to show
when he died on a cross
for the ones he loved so

For you and for me
his loved poured rose-red
His gift was his life
as his arms lay outspread

This Valentine's day,
let your love show most
as Jesus' did for you
as he died on that post.