Sunday, April 22, 2012

Meet you there

You feel so far tonight
sat their in your snug cocoon
but I can't speak to you
far beyond the sun and moon
moonbeams flood your face
as you race on
through time and space
you'll reach those gates quite soon
so go on before me,
I'll meet you there.

Run in meadows sweet
use those legs
you're now complete
You missed him for so long
now arms will hold you
firm and strong
though I can hold you close
you mind has wandered
far away
one day I'll hold you close
I'll meet you there.

Final beat, you've gone
left behind
that broken shell
Now wake and see his face
how I wish that I
could hold his gaze
so let yourself be free
to run those fields
you loved so much
not long to go now,
I'll meet you there.