Monday, August 03, 2015

A story's tale

Endless landscapes at your fingertips
Stretch from page to page
Adventures jump like firework sparks
On each new story's stage.
Terror and the unknown wait
On each new line to come.
But what will each new story hold
By the time that it is done?
Turn leaf by leaf as tales unwind
Like wisps of smoke they twine
With words, they they paint a masterpiece
Upon your canvas of your mind.
From new-bent spine to last creased page,
Fresh mysteries await
A patient turning finger
Guides you through each character's fate.
So, take a book between your hands,
Turn pages oft well-read
And join each book's adventures
In the landscape of your head.

Sunday, August 02, 2015


New poem from worship in our international service at church this morning!


Lord, it is so good to meet together!
Brothers, sisters here together
Sinners all come broke together
Old and young, we're here together
From all nations here together
Called into one call together
Walking the same path together
Daily messing up together
Daily knowing grace together
Calling on our God together
Holding onto faith together
Learning of our king together
Letting voices sing together
But never on our own, just no,
We're made to meet this God we know
Loneliness is not your way to go
Through you, community's what we're brought to know
Coming on our knees together
Coming honestly together
Hungry hearts come feast together
Cold and worn out hearts, come warm yourself with us, together
By the fireside of his love
Through the promise of that holy dove
That we are His alone forever
Destined for his side together
So, my friends let's come near together
Meeting with our God together,
Knowing him afresh together
Looking forward to the great forever
When we will all come together
As his children, for you, my friends, in Jesus, are his forever.