Sunday, August 24, 2014

We lift up one voice

New poem which came out of sung worship this morning at Westpoint. We all lift up one voice, each one from a different place and life, but we lift up one voice together; and God hears it. Every time.

We lift up one voice

To you we lift up one voice
One bold, strong and confident voice
One weak, cold and hesitant voice
One tear-racked, heart-felt voice
One hurting, dry and empty voice
One shuddering and faltering voice,
One joyful, light and airy voice
One deadened, mute and word-lost voice
One freshened, bright-eyed, wonderous voice
One calm, knowing and assured voice
One hardened, slow and doubting voice
One honest, sad, defeated voice
One fresh reminded, grace-touched voice
One world-forgetting, son-seeing voice
One dark-dispersed hope restored voice
One past-forgotten, adopted voice
One voice that shouts
One voice that whispers
One voice that cries
One voice that silently mouths
Together, we lift up one voice
Because he hears
Because he listens
Because he cares
Because we are His

Friday, August 22, 2014

New poem: Evening stars

New poem: Evening stars

Evening stars up there tonight
Winking in your twinkling light
For by shapes in clever ways
Night by night, up there you stay
Constellations ages old,
Galaxies so vast and bold,
Uncharted cosmos, deepest space,
Up I look and see your face
Some nights the clouds drift over you
A downy quilt which hides from view
Your comforting and quieting light
Hides your beauty from my sight
But though I can't see you sometimes,
I just remember, then remind
This mind that so quickly forgets
Those evening stars are patient yet
For when the clouds are blown away
Those evening stars will fresh display
Their dark and shadow piercing light
Refocusing my clouded sight
Evening stars, my night time friends,
Help me see when day's light ends.

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Tumnus and the wolves

The wind blew so cold
through the light, dusty snow
small, frosty shapes settled
on fingers and toes
I came to a lamp post
the strangest of sights
And underneath it stood a man
in the warm, mellow light

And his eyes
they were dark and they were kind
With two horns
atop his head
he beckoned me come with him
to share a cup of tea

Together we walked
through the deepening snow
He held a pile of presents trussed up
with brown paper and bows
Before long we came
to a cave in ground
but not so much a cave
as a home underground

And his eyes
they were dark and they were kind
with two horns atop his head
he beckoned me inside
to share his warm and light

He settled her down
at a chair near the fire
busying himself with the kettle
she couldn't help but admire
the way that he kept
this simplest of homes
scarves and plants brought to life
the cold, hard stone

And his eyes
they were dark and they were kind
with two horns atop his head
he beckoned me to sit
and drink by the fire's light

He drew out a flute
a curious thing
And with music he wove
the most beautiful things
Long-past tales he spun
through each musical note
And my mind longed to drift
on his song like a lazy, bobbing boat

And the song
it was joy and woe combined
lulling sleep through silken words
spun in music through the mind
and she drank it, every note

Her eyes flickered open
the window was dark
In a curious turn
he lay still as a statue in the park
He shared then a secret
a terrible truth
And together they ran from his door
while the two of them
still had youth

And the sound
was of wolves upon the night
footfalls far of yet so near
sounds howling of met their ears
As they pounded through the night

They paused at the lamp post
to help catch their breath
It was then she knew
he'd chosen her life over his death
He pointed to finger
to the way she had come
And with a final glance back
she fled to the trees to lead her home

And his eyes
they were dark and they were kind
with two horns atop his head
he waved to me once more
as the lantern's pale light fled