Friday, March 31, 2006

The author of your salvation

Isn't it just amazing how God just hits you between the eyes sometimes?! I was just chatting with Cat over msn about her quiet time in Hebrews 2v10-18 and something that really struck her was that Jesus is the author of our salvation (v10)!

This got me thinking. Imagine for a minute if we were the authors of our salvation. How unbelievably tarnished and wooden would it look? It would look like carboard compared to what God's clothed us in. At the best all we would end up doing would be trying to plug the holes.

God however doesn't plug the holes, he covers us brand new! Like a moth-eaten coat we've been carrying, God takes this horrible stinking useless covering off us and clothes us with his righteousness. The shining perfect image of the father is pasted over every facet of our lives bar none. This is no patch job!

Remember afresh that with Jesus as the author, and we see our salvation for what it is: his totally undeserved gift to us. Our salvation does not come from what we do or who we are in nature, salvation comes from the Lord (Jonah2v9). Let's revel in this more and more as we don't seek to serve God to justify or earn our righteousness, but instead in response to the unbelievable gift he's given us!



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Saturday, March 25, 2006

The rebranding of me?!

Evening all, I taken aback by my mum yesterday morning as I opened my Spring Harvest Whizz Kids (5-7's) handbook and inscribed 'The short one' in the name box. She said that maybe if I changed it to something else, this might change my image! or something along those lines, I forget the correct phrasing.


So yes! If you, the erstwile blogger were to think of me and sum me up as 'the something'eth one', what would I be?!

Answers on a postcard, SAE (stamped addressed emu) or alternatively a comment on this post in the form of:

'The something'eth one'




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Thursday, March 23, 2006


Was looking through the phone directory today for Bowling alleys, and stumbled across this entry for 'Boring'... hope you like!

Ha ha ha!! Made me laugh for a good 5 mins, and then the civil engineer friend I sent it to, and then the rest of my family... hehe

Tis the little things in life that make you smile :)

Right, I'm back off to do some more project write-up. Fun Fun Fun!! In the sun sun sun!!! Well, not really in the sun, as I'm behind a curtain, but that Red Dwarf quote just came to me! :D



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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Use what you've been given!

Mornin all, I was reading this verse in my quiet time this mornin, and wanted to share it:

'Then Peter said, "Silver or Gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk." ' - Acts3v6

So often we wish we have other gifts than the ones we do. But we may not have been given the gift of healing, but we've been blessed with other gifts - those God wants us to have so we can serve him most effectively wherever we are. And in giving of our gifts to others, be it patience, care & love, or encouragement, we show those around us something of God's character.

Not all witness is from the pulpit, not all generosity is material & not all displays of God's power are in healing. Whatever you've been given, be an extravegent giver of it! God's given you these gifts to serve and glorify him with; what a priviledge!! He'll be working through you; from the times you get to share with others about Jesus, to those times where your quiet witness in listening, speaks volume of love to that person. God's with you today, make this day his!



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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Guiding Hand

Sounds a bit weird, but I wrote this one backwards; as the 1st lines that came to be were the last 2 in the poem! Anyway, the reason behind this poem is that a friend of mine, Ceryn, is sick at the moment and the doc's don't know what's up with her. We (her friends) all know it's because she's been working herself to the bone, but there ya go. The last 2 lines came to me as I was praying for her, and the rest, well, yeh.

So I dedicate this poem to Ceryn, reminding us that especially in acute sickness, God's in control and has a plan for you serving him while you're sick. I hope you are encouraged.

Guiding Hand

Lord, you know I feel my life’s
like rope stuck with a knot
It feels quite hard to trust you
when I’m forced to sit and stop

The ways in which I usually serve
the glories of your name
are not within my strength right now.
How can I spread your fame?

Show me lord, the ways I can
Glorify your name, my king
Within this place that I am at
And still entice my soul to sing

I’m finding more, this life you’ve giv’n.
calls me to stand for you
yet learning even more this day
I must rely on you

I may not fully understand
these plans you have for me,
why I must now be in sickness
to serve your majesty.

But yet I know your plan is true,
this time is soon to pass
and your guiding hand will hold me firm
against the storm’s foul blast.

Help me know this deep within,
that, when the tempter comes,
I’ll remember this and be at peace
and seek your will be done

Your gentle arm will hold me,
sustain me through this time.
I know that you are with me
You stand firm at my side

Monday, March 13, 2006

Essay definitions

Aye up all, it's been 5 days since my last post so I feel something fun is well overdue. I'm just coming to the end of writing a very exciting (not) essay all about open software, open hardware, open data standards, hardware & software patents & something else I can't remember...

anyhoo, you get the idea, there's a whole load of jargon in there which has taken me about 16 hours of google-bashing to elicit enough facts and links for my essay. Soooo, I've decided to help you all out with my very own jargon-buster for this essay.


  • (i) Any item of clothing, ranging from baby gloves to hand-knitted balaclavas.
  • (ii) Any item of clothing that lasts under a month, e.g. cheap trainers, or slippers in a house with a dog.
  • (iii) The feeling, when sleeping in a guest bed/travel inn bed, that you're never going to find that patch of bed that will allow you to get off to sleep before 3am.
  • Clothing again, but harder. you know, like, err... like climbing shoes or baby mits in a concrete box.
Open Software:
  • Buy woolen undergarment, remove packaging. Voila. you now have open software.
Open Hardware:
  • As with open software, but with Doc Martins, a hard hat, or a rock overcoat.
Open Source Software:
  • The result of giving a bottle of ketchup to a baby with sparkling white clothing.
Open Source Hardware:
  • Attemping to open a bottle of Daddies brown sauce using nothing but an electric screwdriver or another (in)appropriate power tool.
  • The act of purchasing a knock-down living structure, useful for mountains, team-building excursions, or the back garden if you over-ordered on guests for that new years party of yours.
Well, that's all folks, I've got to get back to finishing this industry-demolishing, trend-setting beastie of an essay. Why not astound your friends with your new wealth of knowledge on Open Software and Patents??!




if computers are idiot-proof, why can't I make them work...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Long time, no post

hmm... that title could be Postman Pat's epitaph...

Yeh, anyhoo, just a quick one from me. I am still alive, all you who had thought I'd become dearly departed and were eyeing my my computer and collection of Disney films. (I know who you are!!)

I've been swept up in the wonderful world of MATLAB (R.I.P. that coursework now, thank goodness!) and now my latest 2 courseworks (1 assignment & 2500 essay) which are having to both be done in the space of 3 days! So yes, all's good in the house of madness :)

I did however have a mechatronics lecture on Monday, and I noticed just at the end of lecture that next week we'd be onto 'Pancake Motors' how fantastic is that?!! I can't wait to find out :D

Well, that I think constitutes a short post. I'd best be getting back to work, but not before I tell something awesome God's been pressing home to me today!! Man God is just SO awesome!!!

That we need to be devoted to God in terms of both learning more of who he is, and in applying what he's teaching us and challenging us to take on board.

Coming to know God isn't some tick-box in our lives, it's the beginning of knowing the most amazing person in the whole of creation, and his plan for us. Let's always be yearning to learn more, because there's always stuff to be learnt!!



if computers are idiot-proof, why can't I make them work...

Wednesday, March 01, 2006




yes, I have indeed written an ode to MATLAB. It's now 11.15pm and I'm on the verge of calling it a day on the programming front - MATLAB has triumphed yet again :P however, I've come to realise that I cannot beat it, I refuse to join it, so I shall instead parody it into the ground :)

Night all!


'Sometimes I sit an wonder
Why matlab needs to be
It likes to sit and fry my brain
Grey matter that is me

How can a program in a box
That comes up on my screen
Look so helpful, yet at heart
Be scarily mean!

It could be that my programming
Lacks the matlab punch
But while I ponder x & y
It chomps away my brain – munch!

Each time I get up from my desk
It seems I cart around less brain
This coding antic saps my life
Like juice, from raspberries in a strain(er)!

Oh matlab beastie in your box
Will you for once be content,
If I should feed you tasty code
Instead of dried cement?

You wonder why I speak like this
My code, a dried grey mass?
Quite frankly though, it comes out slow
And sets before it lasts!

6 weeks or more I’ve fought with it
I’ve battled to its core!
But after all my coding fight,
My brain's out cold on the floor!

Maybe one day I’ll master it
Padouin shall the master be!
But now I speak like Yoda, so
It’s off to bed for me'


Note: I've had pointed out to me that the poem doesn't scan well, rhyme correctly (well, by any recognised rhyme scheme or under the dictionary definition of 'rhyme') or make any sense. I accept this, and intend to do nothing about it! It was always meant in fun, although I might have to do something about it just to stop these friends of mine reminding me about it ;)

if computers are idiot-proof, why can't I make them work...

Walking on water?

It's been one of those days, you know? I have to say that up until about 5 mins ago, I was looking back on the day and thinking I'd got hardly anything done and that as such I also wasn't being my normal (sometimes abnormally) bouncy cheerful self . Then I found a song by Michael W. Smith called 'Raging sea' had begun playing on my iPod. The lyrics run as follows...

'Sometimes the journey makes you weary
Feels like a long and winding road
Sometimes this life can lose it's meaning
But you might be surprised to find some hope

Maybe you're wondering where love is
You may feel it's far away from here
Maybe you're wondering where I am
You might be surprised to find I'm near

And when your life is tossed and turning
And your on the raging sea
I'll come and pull you from the water
Then you will know that you are free

So if you're stumbling through the valley
Or if you're tempted to give up the fight
Reach out your hand and I will lead you
I will be your strong arm in the night'

The first verse really struck me, that quite frankly I'm well weary with work at the moment (6 weeks on 1 piece of coursework!), but then I heard the chorus 'I'll come and pull you from the water, then you will know that you are free'. If there's been one thing God's really reminding me of recently it's been that I need to keep my focus on him - because he's the source of my strength and energy. As many of you know, it's end of Spring term and for us finalists, this means busy busy busy with work. Looking back on today, my focus on God's waivered hugely.

Writing this just now has reminded me of Peter in the storm, when he began to sink because he basically took his focus off Jesus and got overwhelmed by the storm around him - even though Jesus called him to come to him.

Praise God that he knows what he's up to when it comes to our work, our feelings, our lives. I know God's got me here in Reading studying my final year because he wants me here and now; and my work's part of that. Which means he'll help me to do it - focus, determination, the whole caboodle. Thinking about it now, it seems daft that I took my gaze off him!

Even though we may have to come through storms of all shapes and sizes, Jesus calls us to walk to him and walk with him. And you know what? Even though the storm's still raging, it doesn't matter, because we'll be walking above it. Hallelujah!!



if computers are idiot-proof, why can't I make them work...