Friday, March 31, 2006

The author of your salvation

Isn't it just amazing how God just hits you between the eyes sometimes?! I was just chatting with Cat over msn about her quiet time in Hebrews 2v10-18 and something that really struck her was that Jesus is the author of our salvation (v10)!

This got me thinking. Imagine for a minute if we were the authors of our salvation. How unbelievably tarnished and wooden would it look? It would look like carboard compared to what God's clothed us in. At the best all we would end up doing would be trying to plug the holes.

God however doesn't plug the holes, he covers us brand new! Like a moth-eaten coat we've been carrying, God takes this horrible stinking useless covering off us and clothes us with his righteousness. The shining perfect image of the father is pasted over every facet of our lives bar none. This is no patch job!

Remember afresh that with Jesus as the author, and we see our salvation for what it is: his totally undeserved gift to us. Our salvation does not come from what we do or who we are in nature, salvation comes from the Lord (Jonah2v9). Let's revel in this more and more as we don't seek to serve God to justify or earn our righteousness, but instead in response to the unbelievable gift he's given us!



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