Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Guiding Hand

Sounds a bit weird, but I wrote this one backwards; as the 1st lines that came to be were the last 2 in the poem! Anyway, the reason behind this poem is that a friend of mine, Ceryn, is sick at the moment and the doc's don't know what's up with her. We (her friends) all know it's because she's been working herself to the bone, but there ya go. The last 2 lines came to me as I was praying for her, and the rest, well, yeh.

So I dedicate this poem to Ceryn, reminding us that especially in acute sickness, God's in control and has a plan for you serving him while you're sick. I hope you are encouraged.

Guiding Hand

Lord, you know I feel my life’s
like rope stuck with a knot
It feels quite hard to trust you
when I’m forced to sit and stop

The ways in which I usually serve
the glories of your name
are not within my strength right now.
How can I spread your fame?

Show me lord, the ways I can
Glorify your name, my king
Within this place that I am at
And still entice my soul to sing

I’m finding more, this life you’ve giv’n.
calls me to stand for you
yet learning even more this day
I must rely on you

I may not fully understand
these plans you have for me,
why I must now be in sickness
to serve your majesty.

But yet I know your plan is true,
this time is soon to pass
and your guiding hand will hold me firm
against the storm’s foul blast.

Help me know this deep within,
that, when the tempter comes,
I’ll remember this and be at peace
and seek your will be done

Your gentle arm will hold me,
sustain me through this time.
I know that you are with me
You stand firm at my side

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