Thursday, March 16, 2006

Use what you've been given!

Mornin all, I was reading this verse in my quiet time this mornin, and wanted to share it:

'Then Peter said, "Silver or Gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk." ' - Acts3v6

So often we wish we have other gifts than the ones we do. But we may not have been given the gift of healing, but we've been blessed with other gifts - those God wants us to have so we can serve him most effectively wherever we are. And in giving of our gifts to others, be it patience, care & love, or encouragement, we show those around us something of God's character.

Not all witness is from the pulpit, not all generosity is material & not all displays of God's power are in healing. Whatever you've been given, be an extravegent giver of it! God's given you these gifts to serve and glorify him with; what a priviledge!! He'll be working through you; from the times you get to share with others about Jesus, to those times where your quiet witness in listening, speaks volume of love to that person. God's with you today, make this day his!



if computers are idiot-proof, why can't I make them work...


Jonny:) said...

Dude whats with your pic??? it looks like you just steped on a rusty nail known you havent had a tetnus shot after finding out that you havent paid your gas bill and are about to fail your course

Timmy C said...

well, i have stepped on a rusty nail before, forgotten to pay my gas bill, and i failed to finish a course of dinner once, but not all at the same time :P

pic tis me having fun - just goes to show lengths I have to go to in order to have fun! ;)

Jonny:) said...

And refering to gifts, at the least God gave us ears so we can listen, to him and to others.
Cultivate the gift of listerning, and paitence, wisdom, friendship often come with it

Timmy C said...

very true. i'm finding more and more that it's in listening and in building friendships that we're given some of the best opportunities to share our faith.

and in listening we learn from God. He's the one we really need to be listening to! 2 ears, one mouth & all that :)

Jonny:) said...

That and when you listen you can see the opertunities for the gospel. If you listen to what they say (or do not say) you can see how the gospel fits into your lives.

What are they saying? why are they saying it? what is thier need/desire?
How does Jesus fit that!

Timmy C said...

Very true. I think we need to ask God each time he puts us with a non-christian friend to open our eyes to how the gospel applies to them. We need God's vision to know how to apply his truth. Dead important we get immersed in the bible as well! I've found that having even the most limited grasp on the bible helps you massively in finding things and in showing God's character!

thebluefish said...

Cool passage, was preaching on that at Surrey couple of weeks ago.