Sunday, October 31, 2010

Winter's dance

Thoughts turn to winter, and this poem/song came out. Hoping to put a tune to it soon :)

Winter’s dance

The crisp night air, like needles pricks
At my tender fingers, numbing quick
And I sniff the breeze, feel the chill wind blow
On the thousand tiny icicles inside my nose
Soft white snow cracks beneath my feet
All those tiny little snowflakes all packed in neat
As my footsteps leave a tracker’s trail behind
Fading with the passing of time.

Winter’s sparkle, like fireflies
Plays upon my dozing eyes
And the icy breeze whips the autumn leaves
As I wander among the ghostly trees
With their trunks all rough and their fingers torn
And their boughs well worn
By the cold I know,
Let it sno-o-ow, let it snow.

Lakes stare back with their glassy gaze
While their icy shell creates a watery haze
The skittering echo of a stone as it skids,
The latest game of the neighbourhood kids.
And the snow-laden boughs of the nearby trees
Sing their dulcet melodies to the breeze
As you wander through their frozen land
Walking with winter, hand in hand.

The crackling fire in an old stone hearth
Defrosts all the toes that have walked so far
And a ruby-red glass holds a midnight’s cheer
As you see yourself into the next new year
With a handful of pledges you aim to keep
While Morpheus gathers you into his sleep
As the fire grows hushed now, and low
Winter keeps dancing on through.


Monday, October 25, 2010

Looking into the sea

One of Cat's recent blog posts set me thinking about this poem. Imagine looking into the sea. What do you see? What catches your eye? What sensations do you feel? How deep do you dive in? What might you find? Do you want to find out? Anyone can paddle in the shallows; few dive to the sea's full splendour.

Looking into the sea

I see water all around me.
I cannot escape it, nor avoid it.
It envelops me and gathers around me on every side.
I run my fingers through its smoothness.
It slows me down, but only just enough.
I close my eyes, but still I can feel it around me.
I see life all around me.
Shimmering, multicoloured, mysterious.
I sometimes feel I am dry,
that my skin lies dry and dusty beneath the sun.
But one look is all it takes,
to see the sea surrounding me,
supporting me on every side.
I can swim in this sea,
tentatively at first,
then, with stronger strokes
I dive into its depths,
discovering treasures in the deep,
crying, deep to deep,
louder than the roar of waterfalls,
waves and breakers roll over me,
washing me clean.
I look into the sea.
What do I see?
Your sea.


Shall I not?

I've just enjoyed a fantastic day of fellowship and teaching at Transformission, UCCF's South-West student equipping day under the preaching of Mike Reeves. A very encouraging and uplifting day. One of Mike's phrases stuck in my mind in particular: "Love is having a taste for the beloved... delighting and enjoying the beloved." Love is not service through guilt or contract, love is trying God, to "taste and see that the Lord is good!" This poem came out of the teaching this weekend of God calling us to enjoy him, and in doing this, not being surprised as our minds are renewed and our hearts are changed.

Shall I not?

Shall I not, with blistered fingers work,
or tell the world in full the things you love to show?
Should I not serve the church and never shirk,
ever giving to the family I love and know?

My lips, never in their serve, faltering be,
in loving many people, Lord, to you?
That they and I would come, to in your gospel see
your claims of sin and mercy, Lord are true?

Shan't I continue, full of passion, Lord to serve
ever giving of my energies to you?
and fill each waking hour without reserve
with deeds that bring the greatest praise to you?

Yet Lord, it's not my deeds that you desire
for should I try to earn your righteous grace?
Never! For what righteousness can sinful hearts sire?
How could a drop, your boundless sea replace?

No, you call me to draw near and taste your goodness,
to delight and to enjoy your precious son,
to look upon your beauty and your loveliness
and through your precious blood, to know, I'm won.

Andg growing, in your time, to love you Father,
my heart's desires, Lord, will be renewed.
Then, I will not help help myself, but rather,
live, in word and deed, in loving gratitude.