Monday, October 25, 2010

Shall I not?

I've just enjoyed a fantastic day of fellowship and teaching at Transformission, UCCF's South-West student equipping day under the preaching of Mike Reeves. A very encouraging and uplifting day. One of Mike's phrases stuck in my mind in particular: "Love is having a taste for the beloved... delighting and enjoying the beloved." Love is not service through guilt or contract, love is trying God, to "taste and see that the Lord is good!" This poem came out of the teaching this weekend of God calling us to enjoy him, and in doing this, not being surprised as our minds are renewed and our hearts are changed.

Shall I not?

Shall I not, with blistered fingers work,
or tell the world in full the things you love to show?
Should I not serve the church and never shirk,
ever giving to the family I love and know?

My lips, never in their serve, faltering be,
in loving many people, Lord, to you?
That they and I would come, to in your gospel see
your claims of sin and mercy, Lord are true?

Shan't I continue, full of passion, Lord to serve
ever giving of my energies to you?
and fill each waking hour without reserve
with deeds that bring the greatest praise to you?

Yet Lord, it's not my deeds that you desire
for should I try to earn your righteous grace?
Never! For what righteousness can sinful hearts sire?
How could a drop, your boundless sea replace?

No, you call me to draw near and taste your goodness,
to delight and to enjoy your precious son,
to look upon your beauty and your loveliness
and through your precious blood, to know, I'm won.

Andg growing, in your time, to love you Father,
my heart's desires, Lord, will be renewed.
Then, I will not help help myself, but rather,
live, in word and deed, in loving gratitude.


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