Sunday, October 31, 2010

Winter's dance

Thoughts turn to winter, and this poem/song came out. Hoping to put a tune to it soon :)

Winter’s dance

The crisp night air, like needles pricks
At my tender fingers, numbing quick
And I sniff the breeze, feel the chill wind blow
On the thousand tiny icicles inside my nose
Soft white snow cracks beneath my feet
All those tiny little snowflakes all packed in neat
As my footsteps leave a tracker’s trail behind
Fading with the passing of time.

Winter’s sparkle, like fireflies
Plays upon my dozing eyes
And the icy breeze whips the autumn leaves
As I wander among the ghostly trees
With their trunks all rough and their fingers torn
And their boughs well worn
By the cold I know,
Let it sno-o-ow, let it snow.

Lakes stare back with their glassy gaze
While their icy shell creates a watery haze
The skittering echo of a stone as it skids,
The latest game of the neighbourhood kids.
And the snow-laden boughs of the nearby trees
Sing their dulcet melodies to the breeze
As you wander through their frozen land
Walking with winter, hand in hand.

The crackling fire in an old stone hearth
Defrosts all the toes that have walked so far
And a ruby-red glass holds a midnight’s cheer
As you see yourself into the next new year
With a handful of pledges you aim to keep
While Morpheus gathers you into his sleep
As the fire grows hushed now, and low
Winter keeps dancing on through.


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