Monday, November 08, 2010

Just as you are

A reflection during worship at church last Sunday. I'm amazed, when I gaze on Jesus, that he accepts me just as I am; warts and all.

Just as you are

Draw near now,
come and bend your knee.
Humble yourself here, now,
bring yourself to me.
Every lying word,
every sordid deed,
forgiven by my blood,
come, let me meet your need.
Every lustful though,
every jealous wish,
washed clean by my son,
just relinquish
every worried thread
that weaves your knotted heart.
Let me come and heal
your soul in every part
and every warm embrace
every loving touch
will show you clearly here
that I love you so much.
Each time I draw you near
every word I speak
as a father to my child
not a misfit circus freak.
Every tear you shed
I'll wipe away and dry.
Every time I shelter you
my love will hear your cry.
Come, my child and kneel,
come just as you are,
for no matter where you've strayed to
it's never, never too far.

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