Friday, November 11, 2011

The old and new of Flanders fields

The old and new of Flanders fields
Many men stood up to stand no more,
Walked out knowing what lay in store
Drew courage deep from
wells they did not know they had
to walk the path that lay before
the path through Flanders fields.

And souls awake to life
so much more than some will ever feel
refused to bow and yield
but set their sight beyond their strife
and took their footing true and firm
to walk the path through Flanders fields.

As many fell, their brothers marched
more fiercely, sternly quickening on
the hour they lived in, come upon,
determination set and starched
to see their solemn duty through
and master Flanders fields.

Now present men and women serve
to pledge their lives to us protect,
let us in our memory not neglect
the price from which they did not swerve,
and say that we shall not forget
the men of Flanders fields.

A poppy worn, the past retold,
Those men and women, bravely fought,
and through their giving, peace have brought,
that sacrifice does not grow old
our lives are bought through those who give and gave,
who lived and died,
to make us free,
the old and new of Flanders fields.