Sunday, June 23, 2013

What can I say?

This poem came out of a word someone brought this morning at church. It's simply a reflection about what I've come to know about what Jesus has done and what that means. It just leaves me thinking, What can I say?!

What can I say?
What can I say
My new-found friend?
What can I say
'bout the God who sends
His son to change
The state I'm in?
To make me free
From a weight of sin?
I'll tell you what
I've come to know
Then have a think
Is this what you know?

You took an accused
You made me free
You paid my dues
And ransomed me.

You gave me life
At your great cost,
Gave your son
To save the lost,

Stepped into this fetid pool
And purified its waters

Took all my sin,
Bore it for me,
Carried it all
To Calvery.

You chose me first,
Gave up your rights,
Held legions of angels
From their saving flight,

Took all that sin
that stained my soul
And bore it on the cross
To make me whole.

So, what can I say
To the thing that you did?
What can I say
To the choice that you made?
What can I say
to a father's love?
What can I say
To the price that you paid?

But thank you, dear father,
Thank you my king,
Thank you sweet Jesus
For giving everything.

For choosing this sinner
In spite of my stain.
For enabling this stray
To become your child again.

For making a bridge
'cross the chasm-like pit.
For holding my hand
As I crossed over it.

For welcoming home
With wide open arms
This one who was bought
By those nail-scarred palms.

Oh yes, I will say,
And cry out in song
That the thing that I craved
Was you all along.

You made me complete,
You'll see me on through
& you'll guide me each day
'til I come home to you.

So, what can I say?
My friend, simply this.
My God reached out to me
And gave one saving kiss.

Now knowing what I know,
I leave it to you.
What will you say
As he reaches to you?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The rainbow fox

The idea for the rainbow fox came from Tanya's twitter feed today:

What is the rainbow fox, you might ask?  This is the rainbow fox.

The rainbow fox
Have you ever wondered
about the blueness of the sky?
Or the scented rose's redness?
Have you stopped and wondered, why?
Why are colours all so vivid?
Why's the world not black and white?
Well, today do choose to look and see
The world's most marvellous sight.

The rainbow fox my friend is out!
He touches every flower he sees,
from the tiniest of daisies
to the most towering trees.

He skips among the children's clothes
and dots between the shops
and all the while he smiles his smile
as colour waves he drops.

His tail is like a burning fire
all oranges and reds.
And crowned on top in crimson flame
stands his majestic head.

His eyes are deepest pools of ink
each darkest shades of blue.
But if you look more closely
there are others colours too.

His paws are striped bright green and gold
like emeralds flecked with light
each blade of grass he graces leaps
and dances in their light.

His body, oh that glorious sight!
changes all throughout the day
From orange with the rising sun
to purple late in day.

Keep your eyes open and you'll see
a glimpse of foxie's art.
From the yellow in your cornflakes
to the greenest leafy park.

Each sunset graced by foxie's tail,
is laced with goldish tones
and when that chariot meets the sea
he sits his golden throne.

So now you see, my new-found friend
the colours all around
are the rainbox fox's finest work
our master artist, found.