Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Poem: Behind the porcelain smile

New poem: Behind the porcelain smile

Reading statuses from a few girls I am very fond of prompted this poem.  I know the porcelain smiles you wear and how you hurt.  This poem is to remind you that you are not that smile, you are more than your hurt.  You are the beautiful young ladies you are growing to become and you are loved.

Behind the porcelain smile

She wore it so well
that smile
stretched from ear to ear
sometimes just from the corner of one lip
curling up in a graceful arc
a smile which said
"Everything's ok."
"I'm ok."
But underneath the veneer
the cracks lay wide and raw
cracks which spoke
and cried out loudly
in an often strangled cry
chocked back by hours
of trying to be strong,
"Everything's not ok."
"I'm not ok."
The smile became her mask
hiding who she was
behind who they expected her to be
Just another girl
Surely everything's ok?

But a few saw past
the porcelain smile
Looked underneath
the cracked veneer
to the fragile, caring girl underneath,
to the broken spirit
overlooked by so many,
misunderstood by so many,
ignored by so many,
but cared for by a special few.
And more than just seeing
they knew her
they understood her
they loved her,
Showed her she didn't need
to wear her porcelain smile
that who she was
was greater than what others thought
that she could take off the mask
and be who she really was
That despite what others might think
or say
or do
That she was loved
That she was known
That she belonged
With a special few
Who knew her
Who understood her
Who accepted and loved her
The real her
underneath the porcelain smile.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who am I? (An end of term teacher's poem)

Who am I?

The classroom is emptying
Chairs all stacked
Memories of the year
Fly out the door
To waiting, open arms
All those I've given to
Little pieces of me which will grow
And become part of who they are
But who am I?
Am I mounds of presents 
Sitting on the side
Eagerly offered by grateful hands?
Am I heart-felt cards
With personal messages
Written in thanks for all that's been done?
Am I hugs and handshakes
From thankful parents
Pleased with how their child has grown?
So easily, this can be me
At the end of term
I can be all these things
And nothing more
A sum of what's given back
After a year of giving out
But I am not the presents received
I am not measured in cards
Nor by the thanks I may
Or may not be given
If I received not 1 card
Not a preset
Nor one word of thanks
Yet, I have done my best
I have finished the race
Of this year
And my Farher's resounding,
Booming voice cries out
Among the silent moments
On the edge of the holidays
Because of Jesus,
Well done, my good and faithful servant
This is who I am
My Father's son
Let that be sufficient for me

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The brain that never slept

The brain that never slept

Often it woke
deep in the night
when dreams' shadows
flit around
Wide awake
it sat alone
with only its thoughts
for company
Its body slept on
Ignorant of the thoughts
that rocked the mental pathways
surged along dusty corridors
while the silent city slept
one lone car raced its streets
tearing up the darkness
in dazzling silence
shining light into dim alleyways
and setting the highways alive
here was the pulse of the city
burning the darkness up
and though night tried to enfold it
darkness tried to calm it
it would not sleep
it could not sleep
for how could it
when so much needed to be thought
needed to be examined
needed to be known
The body lay still
its chest gently rising and falling.
Like the rocking of a baby
or the swinging of a pendulum
it kept time for sleep
held in its sway;
but not that brain.
This brain could not sleep
would not sleep;
and this brain is mine.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

As it's the end of term

A wee poem for all my teaching friends to lighten your spirits in the home stretch of the summer term!

New poem: As it's the end of term

Today I woke and rose to shine
the coffee brewed up bang on time
I quite enjoyed my quiet time
then end of term kicked in.

You know what, this is what I'll do,
we'll hire a bus and drive to you
spend all the day seeing what you do
as it's the end of term.

We'll visit beaches near and far
go lay on sun beds in a spa
then race the fastest racing cars
as it's the end of term.

We'll turn the grounds into a zoo
race ponies out on Dartmoor too
then kick back with a firey brew
as it's the end of term.

We'll order pizza during school
watch film all day til our mouths drool
then dive into a swimming a pool
as it's the end of term.

We'll race up and down the corridors
on piggy back, slamming all the doors
then collapse in heaps upon the floors
as it's the end of term.

We'll play wet play games all day long
then spontaneously burst into song
and reflect how none of this is wrong
as it's the end of term.

The kids will love it, you will see,
all I've suggested in my glee,
is just for teachers, you and me (!)
as it's the end of term.

In truth, we'll turn up in 2 hours,
after shaves and hasty showers,
give our timetables a glower
as it's the end of term

and teach our children 'til half three
(then mark until the daylight flees)
but it's not long 'til we'll be free
it's almost end of term.

So, hang in there, my teaching friends,
we know this last hard slog will end,
then lay those books down,
but until then,
let's do 'the end of term.'