Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Who am I? (An end of term teacher's poem)

Who am I?

The classroom is emptying
Chairs all stacked
Memories of the year
Fly out the door
To waiting, open arms
All those I've given to
Little pieces of me which will grow
And become part of who they are
But who am I?
Am I mounds of presents 
Sitting on the side
Eagerly offered by grateful hands?
Am I heart-felt cards
With personal messages
Written in thanks for all that's been done?
Am I hugs and handshakes
From thankful parents
Pleased with how their child has grown?
So easily, this can be me
At the end of term
I can be all these things
And nothing more
A sum of what's given back
After a year of giving out
But I am not the presents received
I am not measured in cards
Nor by the thanks I may
Or may not be given
If I received not 1 card
Not a preset
Nor one word of thanks
Yet, I have done my best
I have finished the race
Of this year
And my Farher's resounding,
Booming voice cries out
Among the silent moments
On the edge of the holidays
Because of Jesus,
Well done, my good and faithful servant
This is who I am
My Father's son
Let that be sufficient for me

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