Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Poem: Behind the porcelain smile

New poem: Behind the porcelain smile

Reading statuses from a few girls I am very fond of prompted this poem.  I know the porcelain smiles you wear and how you hurt.  This poem is to remind you that you are not that smile, you are more than your hurt.  You are the beautiful young ladies you are growing to become and you are loved.

Behind the porcelain smile

She wore it so well
that smile
stretched from ear to ear
sometimes just from the corner of one lip
curling up in a graceful arc
a smile which said
"Everything's ok."
"I'm ok."
But underneath the veneer
the cracks lay wide and raw
cracks which spoke
and cried out loudly
in an often strangled cry
chocked back by hours
of trying to be strong,
"Everything's not ok."
"I'm not ok."
The smile became her mask
hiding who she was
behind who they expected her to be
Just another girl
Surely everything's ok?

But a few saw past
the porcelain smile
Looked underneath
the cracked veneer
to the fragile, caring girl underneath,
to the broken spirit
overlooked by so many,
misunderstood by so many,
ignored by so many,
but cared for by a special few.
And more than just seeing
they knew her
they understood her
they loved her,
Showed her she didn't need
to wear her porcelain smile
that who she was
was greater than what others thought
that she could take off the mask
and be who she really was
That despite what others might think
or say
or do
That she was loved
That she was known
That she belonged
With a special few
Who knew her
Who understood her
Who accepted and loved her
The real her
underneath the porcelain smile.


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