Monday, May 25, 2015

People watching st Paddington station

People watching at Paddington station

Waiting for trains on a Monday morning
Some rush around eying up information
So many coming and so many going
As I people watch here at Paddington station.

The lady in front with the blue-blond hair
The man sat beside her with silvery streaks
Both sit with papers, the rush not their worry
A calm, quiet start to the busy, full weeks.

A tired young dad stands nearby with his kids
A baby asleep in the pram by his side
Their excitable screams fill the air with elation
While I people watch here at Paddington station

Bustling businessmen and women alike
Push black leather briefcases or satchels along
Glancing at notes, rehearsing oration
While I people watch quietly at Paddington station.

Off to the left by the underground entrance
A lady strolls up in a waving, white skirt
Her smile adds to this life sweet variation
As she saunters along through Paddington station.

Small crowds have gathered by snack bars and cafes
One last chance to fuel up before the whistle is blown
They hurry along, looks of mild frustration
As I just people watch here at Paddington station.

A cluster of backpackers stand in a group
Tube maps in hand they glance all around
Honest confusion mixed with determination
As I sit here and watch folk at Paddington station.

Holiday makers with colourful cases
Sit near my spot, awaiting their trains
From their look, a long waited, well earned vacation
As I watch them relax here at Paddington station.

Groups of the thirsty stand by snack bars and food chains
Hot beverages their refreshment of choice
Most stand by and sip, waiting outs duration
While I secretly watch them at Paddington station.

And I, when my chariot is finally announced
Board the train with regret for I love all these folk
They all pass through here, one of each in creation
'Neath the watchful eye of Paddington station


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Come to the father

A wee poem that came out of worship on Sunday.  I felt God wanted to challenge how we come to him as our father.  Do we come with hands full of good things we've done and reasons he should love us or do we come empty-handed but through Jesus his son; sufficient for us? God says to come broken and weeping, frustrated and weak, just as we are.

Come to the father

Come to the father
but how, you might say?
With good things you've done?
Nice things that you've prayed?

No, come to the father
through Jesus, his son,
great things he has taught us
great things he has done.

Come to the father
you low, broken souls,
know this is the father
who alone makes you whole

Yes, come to the father
through Jesus, his son,
great things he has taught us
great things he has done.

Come to the father,
you proud, stubborn hearts
have them broken here now,
for he fulfils your deepest part

Yes, come to the father
through Jesus, his son,
great things he has taught us
great things he has done.

Come to the father,
bring your tears and your grief.
His comforting love
is your sweetest relief

Come to the father
through Jesus, his son,
great things he has taught us
great things he has done.

Come to the father
with nothing to give
so you can receive
he who makes you live.

So, come to the father
through Jesus, his son
not by the strength
of your tired, weary hands,

But stand in the knowledge
that you are his child;
held fast by your father
through the storms rough and wild.

For when he looks on you
though he knows all your sin
he chooses not to remember
and instead smiles with love
for Jesus' blood is enough for him.


Monday, May 04, 2015

Give him the glory

Poem number two from our weekend away.  This one came out of worship when we sang 'To God be the glory'.  It made me think, 'what is God's glory?' Then, it reminded me it's who he is.  To give God the glory, is to recognise who he is and what he's done.  So, First, we need to know what he's done for us before we can give him the glory.

Give him the glory

Give him the glory
through Jesus the son
but what is his glory
but the things he has done?
Remember the truths
that you know to be true
Who our glorious Lord is
What he's done for you
Give him the glory
for he has done much
Stepped into your fight
Taken every punch
Raise a shout now out loud
For the enemy would still your voice
With lies about our father's truths
To praise him is your choice
So, lift up your voice
though weak and burdened, come,
assured, you stand before his mighty throne
Your claim, my friends
is not your perfect life
for the father looks at Christ in you
and says, "My precious child, my own."
So, give him the glory
through Jesus the son
Let your praise come from knowing
That you, through Christ, are his beloved one.


Feed your faith (with what he's done for you)

Here's the first of the 3 poems that came out of our recent weekend away at Heatree up in Dartmoor.  This poem came out of our first session together with John Groves and picks up the coldness of the barn and the coldness of our hearts when it comes to faith.

Feed your faith (with what he's done for you)

Today, you came into this coldish barn
Clad tight in jumpers, coats and scarves
Our faith, for some is like our toes, quite cold
And some of us come here only by half
But you, though cold in heart have come to him
In faith, you came for you know he provides
Like sunshine in a darkened place, he shines
With warmth to melt that stone heart deep inside
So, into waters warm and deep dive in
His love awaits the coldest, broken heart
Come, sweet, dear-loved child, come near
For he has loved you from the very start
In faith, we come today, to learn more of our Lord
to enjoy time together, friendships old and new
So, come and look upon your risen king
who, by his blood is making all things new - even you!
Feed your faith with truths about our God
that whispered lies would simply not hold sway
for he alone is out most glorious joy
He is the brightness in our day
So, stand under the waterfall of love,
torrential love that he would pour on you
Arms wide, receive all who he is once more
and feed your faith with what he's done for you