Monday, May 04, 2015

Give him the glory

Poem number two from our weekend away.  This one came out of worship when we sang 'To God be the glory'.  It made me think, 'what is God's glory?' Then, it reminded me it's who he is.  To give God the glory, is to recognise who he is and what he's done.  So, First, we need to know what he's done for us before we can give him the glory.

Give him the glory

Give him the glory
through Jesus the son
but what is his glory
but the things he has done?
Remember the truths
that you know to be true
Who our glorious Lord is
What he's done for you
Give him the glory
for he has done much
Stepped into your fight
Taken every punch
Raise a shout now out loud
For the enemy would still your voice
With lies about our father's truths
To praise him is your choice
So, lift up your voice
though weak and burdened, come,
assured, you stand before his mighty throne
Your claim, my friends
is not your perfect life
for the father looks at Christ in you
and says, "My precious child, my own."
So, give him the glory
through Jesus the son
Let your praise come from knowing
That you, through Christ, are his beloved one.


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