Monday, May 25, 2015

People watching st Paddington station

People watching at Paddington station

Waiting for trains on a Monday morning
Some rush around eying up information
So many coming and so many going
As I people watch here at Paddington station.

The lady in front with the blue-blond hair
The man sat beside her with silvery streaks
Both sit with papers, the rush not their worry
A calm, quiet start to the busy, full weeks.

A tired young dad stands nearby with his kids
A baby asleep in the pram by his side
Their excitable screams fill the air with elation
While I people watch here at Paddington station

Bustling businessmen and women alike
Push black leather briefcases or satchels along
Glancing at notes, rehearsing oration
While I people watch quietly at Paddington station.

Off to the left by the underground entrance
A lady strolls up in a waving, white skirt
Her smile adds to this life sweet variation
As she saunters along through Paddington station.

Small crowds have gathered by snack bars and cafes
One last chance to fuel up before the whistle is blown
They hurry along, looks of mild frustration
As I just people watch here at Paddington station.

A cluster of backpackers stand in a group
Tube maps in hand they glance all around
Honest confusion mixed with determination
As I sit here and watch folk at Paddington station.

Holiday makers with colourful cases
Sit near my spot, awaiting their trains
From their look, a long waited, well earned vacation
As I watch them relax here at Paddington station.

Groups of the thirsty stand by snack bars and food chains
Hot beverages their refreshment of choice
Most stand by and sip, waiting outs duration
While I secretly watch them at Paddington station.

And I, when my chariot is finally announced
Board the train with regret for I love all these folk
They all pass through here, one of each in creation
'Neath the watchful eye of Paddington station


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