Sunday, June 14, 2015

New poem: Who am I to you?

A poem that came out of worship this morning as we began to look at who God was and what redeeming authority really means for us.

Who am I to you?

When you look on my face
as you stand here today
I wonder, what do you see?
Do you see an old man,
tattered and worn?
Is that what you think of me?

Do you see a promise
written down long ago
one that guarantees untold wealth?
Is this promise before you?
Does it fill your thoughts,
or is it tucked away up on a shelf?

When you look on my scars,
where you sin pierced me,
Does a tear well and roll down your cheek?
If not, come on back,
know the cost that I paid
to bring you fully back here to me.

As you sing these songs
and soon hear my word,
what ground shall my truth fall upon?
For the softer the ground,
the firmer the rock
underneath with you stand upon.

Am I just a song
or simply a name?
If that's what I have become,
lift your eyes to my face,
see who I truly am,
take my hand, let me bring you home.

Who am I to you, child?
Take my hand and find out,
Come near, for deep down, I know
Your every thought
All you have done
and yet, I still love you so

I loved you most
when, on the cross,
I gave up my only son
to take your place,
to die for you,
my lost, but most beloved one.

Who am I to you, child?
The truth is, I'm here;
a loving father with outstretched arms.
Come close to me,
Learn who I am
and let my love be your pain's sweetest balm.


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