Monday, June 15, 2015

Love is...

Inspired by Tanya Marlow​'s blog post, 'Love is a midnight blue towel.'

Love is...

Love is a midnight blue towel
Daily folded back up on the rail.

Love is a much loved toy rabbit
With a freshly sewn on fluffy tail.

Love is a slow drying pile
Of dishes stacked up on the side.

Love is a fresh cup of coffee or tea
Which you didn't asked for, placed beside.

Love is an evening's dreaming
About days and years yet to come.

Love is helping face together
Truths that one might shy away from.

Love is bearing together
As the tears roll down both of your faces.

Love is sometimes being the both of you
When one of you can't trade places.

Love is in tired eye bags
As milk is poured out in a cup.

Love is a sandwich bag note,
Which makes your smile turn up.

Love is a fresh cut flower,
Simply picked as a personal surprise.

Love is their looking at you,
When it's you that fills their eyes.

Love is the smell of dinner,
As you walk back home late through the door.

Love is retracing your steps,
Through the memories you knew once before.

Love is in changing your footwork,
As life changes under your feet.

Love is in taking their hand,
When walking along in the street.

Love is a soft, yellow cushion,
Which has supported you for so long.

Love is a constant companion,
Whose strength daily helps keep you strong.

Love is the glass of prosecco,
By a bubble-filled bath when you're home.

Love is a meal together,
And the one on the side if the phone.

Love is a silent bear hug,
When words are not needed at all.

Love is a long day at work,
Broken by a surprise phone call.

Love is an ever-changing thing,
Every day it's a choice that we make.

Love is a way of being,
It's what you give,
Not expecting to take.

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