Saturday, January 30, 2010


I really like how God can do many things when you make time to spent with him. He could remind you of a simple fundamental truth, which he might then lovingly clobber you over the head with. And sometimes you're just left humbly reminded about who he is. Like David in the Psalms (all those songs in the middle of the bible) song and poetry can be the outcome to reflecting on who God is. This morning that was the case. Here's what came out:

A meditation on Ephesians 4 v 28-32

No longer may my thieving hands take that
which honest hands have toiled, working for,
but my I 'stead take tool to hand and work
that generosity may grace my door.
And my my mouth not hold those words which may
corrupt and taint the sum of all around,
but only such is good for building up
that grace be given fresh and comfort found.
And above all to grieve the Spirit nought,
if through his precious blood I have been bought.



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