Sunday, December 12, 2010

New song!

This song came out of reflecting on what the world offers us every day - what we're encouraged to rely on, strive towards, build our lives on & define ourselves by, and seeing that all of these things are transitory. They can be taken away in a single moment, our firm foundations brought to rubble and ashes. The chorus tells a different story.

Where is the righteous
the one who will light up the dark?
justice has fallen away in the land
and your word is barred.
Governments sway to the sickly sweet sound
of the world's dry voice,
poisoning ears so that much that we hear
gives us but one choice.

But our God lifts up the weary
his whisper drowns out the noise
a searchlight burning the darkness
to find and rescue us

All that we hear puts a spin
on the world that we see.
Nature is credited with all the wonders
that we can see.
Meaning is drawn from whatever
we choose to believe.
But when out foundations rocked
do we stand or fall to our knees?


It feels like there should be a bridge or final verse (or both!) here. Feel free to post your ideas as a comment :)


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