Thursday, March 23, 2006


Was looking through the phone directory today for Bowling alleys, and stumbled across this entry for 'Boring'... hope you like!

Ha ha ha!! Made me laugh for a good 5 mins, and then the civil engineer friend I sent it to, and then the rest of my family... hehe

Tis the little things in life that make you smile :)

Right, I'm back off to do some more project write-up. Fun Fun Fun!! In the sun sun sun!!! Well, not really in the sun, as I'm behind a curtain, but that Red Dwarf quote just came to me! :D



if computers are idiot-proof, why can't I make them work...


tigz said...

he he he he
got me laughing
(thank you)

Emma said...

Yeah right you went back to your project, I think it was more like giving the 'little man' some exercise! hehe! love ya bro :P

Timmy C said...

rude! i SO did go back to work after the yellow-pages incident!! I did NOT go back to playing 'Legend of Zelda' on my gamecube 8-)

well, much...