Thursday, December 12, 2013

The dark before the dawn

In the dark before the dawn,
I sit
I wonder
I wait
The water pipes creak and ping
in an odd counter rhythm to the clock's ticking
The fridge gently drones on, cooling my food
with a quiet whom, whom, whom
I sit
I lift
I sip
I wonder
My mind zigzags across today
What'll happen?
What'll I do?
What will go right or wrong?
My brow furrows.
What will go wrong?
Washing up lies like silent statues
Looming by the sink
If I blink, will they disappear?
Lots to do
Much to be done
This is the dark before the dawn
My fears and worries assail me
The day seems so big and dark and fearful.
How can I see it through in this palpable dark?
It threatens to overwhelm me
Take me
and drag me into it.
The darkness leers at me.
"What can you do?" it seems to ask
Then at the window.
A slither of light
A lightening of the darkness
A band of grey beneath the sea of black
I don't see the shadows anymore
I'm transfixed by this new light.
The horizon lightens further
shadows hiss and flee before it.
Beneath the tallest buildings, darkness tries to hide.
It dives behind hedgerows and sneaks inside sheds
The sky begins to burn
Darkness is scattered to the tiniest corners,
my fears along with it.
The dawn has come
light has banished the dark.
It was just darkness
The playing of my fears in a mind with no light.
Daylight fills my eyes
Warmth hits my face
and for the first time today I begin to smile.
The dark before the dawn it over
Light has banished the darkness
and so I begin my day,
the sun risen high in the sky.


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