Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Sunsets, Prayer and Peace

All these things have been themes in poems I am writing at the moment. Unfortunately, none of them are in a form that I'd want to publish on my blog, but I am very excited about writing them.

Looking at a Sunset and seeing our Creator God's hand on it, Knowing the Power of prayer and the hopeit gives us through God's strength, and then there's God's Peace. Where to even start in describing his Peace in troubled times in our lives. If only there were a word that could describe the feeling that you feel when God lays his hand on you and gives you his Peace.

One day though, we can look forward to when he will give us words and a voice that will be able to ascribe to him the greatness that is due his name. Until then, and until my next post, I shall hopefully, and in his time, complete these poems as a reflection of something of him.

** Don't forget, my poems are stored on the right hand side of the page **

God bless, my bros & sis's, stay strong in our Father in whom ALL things are possible :)


Cat said...

My dear Brother Tim....

Please write a new post! For you have a unique talent that i think you should continue im bored at looking at the same post for the last month..heheh

God Bless

Your sister in Christ,
Cat (

Paul said...

Totally agreed...