Tuesday, June 12, 2007

DIY Cryptexes

Whilst reading the Da Vinci code I came across a rather cool invention called a Cryptex - a letter version of a cyclindrical number lock with a hidden chamber inside which you can store stuff in. Me being my curious and creative self, I decided to draw and design one simply for the challenge of bringing an invention to life.

The design work went fine, the mechanism making sense on paper etc, but sadly my machining skills are rather rusty, not to mention my choice of materials - soft wood, not a good idea!

Suffice to say that my efforts in using an old piece of soft wood in making the various parts did not quite work out how I had planned, with a third of the discs shearing off or snapping. I hope to try and make one out of slightly more sturdy materials when I get back though. Any thoughts on it are much appreciated as it is literally a work in progress!

Sadly it probably won't look quite as spiffy as this, but then again that doesn't matter. I'd just settle on it working! ;)



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Mark said...

that is a cool idea! good luck with making it