Tuesday, January 25, 2011

New song: Entirely by your grace

Entirely by your grace

Beautiful grace,
what can compare to the risen son
to your holy one, Jesus?
Marvellous grace,
more than I ever can comprehend
the depth of your love is without end, Jesus.
Freely yours to give
and joyfully we receive!

Jesus, all of creation is by your making,
Jesus, powers and authorities you are shaking.
All of us, forgiven and welcomed to your fold.
Captives no more, we stand before you, entirely by your grace.

Scandelous grace,
you make this filthy sinner clean
at the greatest cost there could ever be, Jesus.
Perfect grace,
enough for my past and present sin,
even my future's been forgiven, Jesus.
Freely yours to give
and joyfully we receive.


And oh, I once was lost but now am found by you,
no more a slave, but now your own,
and nothing that I do can change the fact
that I'm accepted through your chosen one.


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