Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Autumn leaves

A wee reflection on the way to and after school today about the changing colours of autumn.

Autumn leaves
Autumn leaves drift by my windowsill
each with their own story to tell
colours share their own history
preferring more to share than tell

Red reminds of rosy apples
juicy from their summer growth
weighing leafy boughs to bend
until they fall with Newton's grace.

Orange shares the burnished sunset's
golden glow across the sky
shading clouds so very high
stop a moment, wonder why.

Yellow spots remind of polka dots
on summer dresses waving in the breeze
chilling hidden knobbly knees
some wearers wish we wouldn't spot!

Green holds onto nature's one last stand
before the chilling of the ageing land.
Snows will beckon soon but not before
the autumn leaves show their last colour in store.

Brown breathes in the earthly depths below
sod and soil mingle with leaves, slow
like winter's passing into spring
old leaves die that new ones soon might grow.

Autumn leaves drift pass my windowsill
each with their own story here to tell
colours hinting at their secret history
preferring to rather show, than tell.


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