Monday, October 24, 2011

My name

Enjoying worship on Sunday morning I had this reflection.

My name
My name is not Weary
It is not Shamed
Nor failure
My name is not Reject
It is not Forgotten
Nor Abandoned
My name is not Too far away
Neither is it Dirty
Nor Pain
It is not Enemy, Traitor or Insignificant,
Not Illegitimate,
Nor Estranged or Unwelcome.

My name is Loved,
And it is Son,
or it is Daughter.
My name is Unconditionally forgiven,
It is Grace-covered,
And it is Redeemed.
My name is Welcome,
It is Pure and Clean,
And it is Heir and Prince.
My name is White as snow,
It is New,
And it is His.

My name is Christian
And my only board is Christ.

I am eternally grateful that my identity isn't found in me. It's found in Jesus.


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