Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Couldn't give life

Couldn't give life

Sometimes I think I'm the giver
The supporter, the sustainer,
The shoulder to lean on,
The listening ear.

I can give life

I can ease pain
I can make it better.
I'll listen to your problems
I'll carry you through
When your feet won't carry you
When you stumble and cry
I'll steady you.

I'll give you life.

I'll lend you my legs
My hands and my feet
My heart and my mind
If it will help.
My time and my energy,
Ideas and creativity,
All that I am I give.

Can I give life?
Is it mine to give?

I can give my friends all of me
But I can't give you life.
Every ounce of me I can give,
Down to the last molecule of hope

But life I cannot give.
It is not mine to dish out
Though at times I wish I could.

It is someone better's to give,
Someone more loving, more caring
He can give his friends life.
It is his to give.

If you were offered life
Would you say yes?

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