Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chartwell House

We went to Winston Churchill's home, Chartwell House today. Something very peaceful about the grounds. This poem came while walking.

Chartwell house

The plants were lounging in their beds

Beads of dew hung to every leaf

Clear globes upon each tip

A world of light contained within

Loose blooms danced like butterflies

Fluttering in the damp, white light

Ancient oaks stood resplendent

Their arms moving gently

In the chilly breeze

Great grass carpets rolled out

Beneath the shade of hazel boughs

Neatly trimmed

Like a child's first hair cut

I breathed them in

Their clean, green air

Their colour bathed light

Tiled steps led routes

And I wandered

Down stony paths

And hidden trails

And here I found my mind

Wandered wide and far

On snowy clouds

And dampened air

Thoughts turned to dreams

And dreams grew wings

To soar among the towering trees

And quiet, faded memories

As I, with all my daily worries

Here, found peace

Among Chartwell House's

Grandeur, life and beauty

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