Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Sunshine and the Rain

She loved the sunshine
The way it played on the waves
How it brightened everything
Adding new highlights to colours
It's warming light
Transforming a grey and dismal day

But the rain
The rain always came
Dark storm clouds would hide
Her precious sunlight
And darkness reigned
Each raindrop saturated,
Filled with sun-subduing shadow
And in the rain
She forgot the sunlight
Its light seemed far away
She could not feel it's warmth
She could only see the shadows
Cast on all that once shined bright
And inside, the light grew dim
Storm clouds gathered inside her soul
As the rain hammered down around her

But something changed
For the sunlight would not be held back
Through the dark, frosted glass bowl of the heavens
Broke a shard of sunlight
A ray of brightest day shone through
And in the rain, the light was transformed
It became more beautiful
More vivid
Deeper and more stunning than before
Beneath the shroud of the storm
The light was transformed within the rain
Darkest droplets were lit up
And split into a million colours
Their shadows chased away
The light which had seemed so beautiful
Was transformed within the storm
And so beautiful was the sight
That tears flowed fierce and free
Down her rain-drenched face
Each teardrop holding
A shining facet of the light's transformed ray
For in the rain
And deep within the storm
The light was shown in all its prismatic splendour
Greater and more beautiful
And she wept,
Knowing greater beauty than ever before

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Tanya Marlow said...

Just lovely.
Thank you.