Friday, March 18, 2005

Getting up

Here's one for all you students out there :) I wrote this in a 9am 'passive filters' lecture, and yes, I AM a morning person! I dedicate this poem to Tom Waddell, Chris Butler, Cat Hare and my dear mother :)

Getting up

'What's that buzzing in my ears?
it wasn't there a while ago
happily in dreams I was
but do I really have to go?
I could get up, do something useful,
wash my face and force a smile;
but then again I've time to spare
I'll put it off, for just a while.
Darn that buzzer, there it goes
I'll hit the 'snooze', oh, just once more;
'I need my sleep', I tell myself,
'If working, all I'd do is snore!'
Buzz buzz? OK that's it, I'm up!
I've sat up now, I'm feeling bold
But wait, the bed's so nice and warm,
and yes the floor looks awefulyl cold...
I'll snuggle down for just a while
and psych myself to test the floor,
'cos once I get my slippers on
it's not that far to reach the door.
Right, that's it, I must be brave,
don my slippers, quick, can't stop,
move to grab my dressing gown
and quickly glance to check the clock.
It's ten past nine, I'm late for lectures,
guess I'll get the one at ten.
I'll snuggle down for forty winks,
I've got some time 'til then.'

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fairythea said...

whoop :) a man after my own heart, as my nan would say haha :) xxx