Saturday, March 19, 2005

Hope in hard times

I have written this poem having come through a tough time in my mind and heart where I felt totally lost and confused. As I cried out to God to help show me how I felt, the first four lines of this poem came to me - so I wrote them down :) by God's guidance in opening my heart, the rest of this poem came to be, tonight. If you are lost/confused/rejected/down, I hope and pray that this poem reminds you of the depth of the Love God has always had & will continue to have for you.

Hope in hard times

You get knocked down, but he picks you up.
You trip and fall, but he helps you stand.
When lost and astray, he shows you the path;
even through the aftermath.
You walk there, 'alone', but he walks with you.
You feel unloved, but his love is true.
And though in the valley, your steps starts to slow,
your heart perhaps falters and you lose where to go,
it's then that he carries you, holds you once more,
shows you the way, he promises as sure,
gathers you close as he hears your heart's cry,
cradles your face, wipes the tear from your eye,
and says, 'Son/Daughter, I love you, so never forget
the randsom you accepted, that day we first met.
When love was poured out as my gift from above,
it was you I was saving -- this is my love.
Though my path may be narrow, and no piece of cake,
I shall always be faithful, I shall never forsake.
For this is my promise: I shall always be there.
I shall walk by your side, however you fare.'
Though you feel alone, (and may think this is true),
turn your gaze to his face, your heart poured out anew;
for he shall meet with you there, 'cos where you walk he has trod.
Be still, here and now, and know he's your God.

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Emma said...

Tim, that was absolutely lovely, it just speaks so clearly of God's love and assurance. I know that the past few days haven't been easy, but I pray for you and just know that I love you more than anything. You've always been there for me, and as I see your amazing growth in the Lord, my heart leaps. I love you bro, forever.