Sunday, November 13, 2005


How I LOVE reading other peoples' poetry, praisings of God and heart-felt humility. This poem is one of those, inspired by another's words: in this case, Ceryn Oakes >> I will praise you >> as for my poem, a name'd be great, but that's not important! May we all be reminded of & take to heart, our loving, patient, all-forgiving Father.


'In the stillness of calm
It is you that I seek
No other can satisfy this heart
As you do, my king

In the heat of the day
When it seems time’s far too short
There is yet time for you
By you may I always be taught

In the dark of the night
And the dark of my heart
You ransomed by soul
That we may ne’er by apart

In the light of this dawn
As the chains melt away
My arms I shall raise
You’re name I shall say

For none is there like you
None other in love
None other in power
Could break these chains off

For no matter the place
No matter the time
You stand by my side
You shall always be mine

And these chains, oh such joy
I can hardly contain,
Are broken for EVER
Never to be worn again!

For the price has been paid,
My heart is set free
And I fall to the floor
On bended knee

To say, ‘Holy, the name
Of my Lord Jesus Christ;
For my life now is new
He has paid the price’

In the storms of my life
Or in the peace of your heart
It matters not, for you’re there
Praise my Lord, oh my heart'

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Emma said...

Hey scrump,

That was absolutely lovely, so beautifully conveyed. God really does use you to say the right words bro. Just keep focussing on him, and God'll keep inspiring.

Love you.