Monday, October 31, 2005


Reading a post of a friend of mine, Cat, led me to this poem. Her original post is here: Halloween. Halloween takes place this evening, and I find it so sad to the point of anger that people just don't understand what is truly behind this night. This poem aims to speak the truth of Halloween, exposing the evil beneath the surface of costumes and trick-or-treating. Be struck, be challenged, be reminded of who we serve as our master, friend and saviour.


Halloween, the druids’ scene,
Night of evil here again.
Why suppose would man impose
Upon his day this shame?
Knows not the meaning of this night
For else he would relent
That in celebrating all-hallow’s eve,
A wicked message sent:
That man would worship things of stone
And in these place their stock?
And celebrate such trust in these
Of wood and fire and rock

Yet behind these ways an evil sways
Of chanting druids long ago
When pagan rights detest the sight
Of all but one old foe
For only he, whom souls can take
Is benefactor of this scene
The devil set these things in flight
Without this modern-day sheen

Let not the veil of costumes hide
The darkness of the truth
For no hand of God is seen within
These parties of our youth
For when we conspire to joy in this
Our hearts are not with him
For why rejoice in evil things
When greater things are found in him?

Let us not be fooled, our minds a’blank
Of what lies in this night
This enemy’s power travels deeper than
The trick-or-treating fright
Worship not this king of night
This slippery liar of old
For even now he seeks to play his hand
And in time steal your soul

Know the truth and make your stand
For by your heart, your life is scanned


Cat said...

I like your poem Tim - to the point and truthful :-)

It is very sad that people think this is a game - they dress it up as something sweet and innocent, when its clearly not!

Welshie said...

hey timmy!

thanks for that. got a bit of a gift yourself... ;-)

Let's keep pointing people to Jesus!