Friday, October 21, 2005

Scandelous love

I have to say that I have sorely missed 24/7 prayer! Last night I spent 10pm-4.30am in prayer/worship/praise with a group fo 7 guys and girls. We spent a time in contemplation before the cross, with the option of having our hands washed as an aid in remembering what Christ accomplished for us there. And that's where this poem has come from - considering the cross, and the incredulous nature of God's love for us. Scandelous love indeed.

Scandelous love

What blood is this, what wash the stain?
Infinite love, for eternal gain.
a son's pure heart for prodigal kind
judgement's cost to free this mind
mercy shown to one as this?
the Father bestows a heavenly kiss.
The son descends that I may live
that eternal life I may receive
Crimson care of countless depth
Father's love of measureless breadth.
To die a death of lonely pain
and power raised to life again!
Such love I scarce can understand
God's son upon a cross, for man

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Cat said...

wow, its really good!!

Please keep them coming Tim - they are an encouragment :-)