Sunday, October 23, 2005


Yet another poem hot off the press from 24/7 prayer week!! Man I love God SO much!!!! We had a worship session at about 1-2am on Friday and this was what came out of it as we were praying after :) Not so much a well-thought throught, methodical, revamped poem, but just a reflection on coming before God in worship and being struck with the question 'but how?'


Lord I sit before your throne
yet I know not what to say.
what words can sing such praises true
that wholly glorify your name?

So undeserved but yet such love
my praise to you I'd bring
yet my mouth can but in part express
the praise my heart would sing

The glories of your name, in word
can never full be said
yet through your power I find myself
by your spirit, led

So Lord, with heart upon your name,
I thank you now for who you are
your love unparalled, love so pure,
that wipes the sin that marrs.

I praise you Lord for you are good,
your word has never let me down,
your faithfulness is matched by none
your name holds the highest renown

Your plan is good, your promises true,
my side, I know, you'll never leave.
To think that I might love an other
my heart can not believe

My future's safe in you, my lord,
my place in rule with you
for' one day I shall stand beside
and rule as you now do

such inheritance I know is mine,
but how hard to believe
that you loved me o'er e'en your son
this mind cannot conceive

Thus I find myself once more,
overwhelmed by your grace.
This love, though I can't comprehend
has paid this this sinner's place

So I savour now your presence sweet,
aware of none but you
for only through your father's love
can I live my life for you

I seek your way, in this my life,
my it chart along your course
for I shall rest in this, as sure:
I know that I am yours


dave bish said...

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Welshie said...

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Welshie said...

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Welshie said...

hallelujah! :-)